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The Andrew Marinucci Service Award

Andy Marinucci led our society as president not for just one year, but for three years.  He is the only three term president in the society’s history.  After his presidencies, he continued his support to the society as treasurer for 20 years.  In recognition of his exemplary leadership, unwavering dedication, and outstanding service to the Theobald Smith Society, we are proud to present the first Andrew Marinucci Service Award to Andrew Marinucci.  Throughout his tenure as president and treasurer, he has demonstrated exceptional commitment to advancing the field of microbiology and enriching the society's mission. Andy embodies the spirit of service and dedication that defines our society's mission.


Dr. Marinucci is a retired microbial ecologist.  He was a research scientist in the Site Remediation and Waste Management Program within the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection for 22 years providing technical support to the Department.  He has worked and published for nearly 30 years on the fate and degradation of natural and anthropogenic compounds in the environment.

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