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Theobald Smith Society Fall 2023 Symposium


Date, time and place will be announced soon.

The program will feature a poster session and feature talks by an American Society for Microbiology Distinguished Lecturer and the 2023 Theobald Smith Society Young Investigator Awardee,  Dana Price.


Dana Price is Associate Research Professor in the Department of Entomology, School of Environmental & Biological Sciences, Rutgers University.  His research focuses on functional genomic analyses of vector arthropods and their holobiont - that is, the host and assemblage of commensal organisms (viruses, bacteria and eukaryotes) that live within and around them.  His current research initiatives include: novel means of rapid and non-destructive vector-borne pathogen sampling and discovery, reverse-vaccine development targeting invasive arthropods, tick-borne disease dynamics and discovery in a rapidly changing landscape, and genotyping and spatiotemporal distribution of arthropod-borne viruses.

The meeting will be for members only.  It's only $5 for students and $25 for regular members.  If you have not already done so, join now or renew your membership for 2023.  Join Theobald Smith Society here.

Register now!  Register below to be sure to receive updates and the program (when finalized).  

For more information contact Greg Wiedman (gregory.wiedman@shu.eduor Ray Sullivan ( 

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