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Joyce A. Kohler 1946-2021

Joyce Kohler was a past president (2007-2008) of our society. She received her B.A. in Biological Sciences from Rutgers University and a certificate in Medical Technology from the Lyons Institute. She was vice president of the Beta Zeta Chapter of the Alpha Sigma Lambda National Honor Society, co-founder and executive board member of the Rutgers - Honors College Alumni Society, and 2nd vice-president of the University College Rutgers - New Brunswick Alumni Association.

Joyce was employed as a research microbiologist in infectious disease with Merck for 37 years and then as a technical writer with Abbott Labs for the 7 years preceding her death. At Merck, she was involved in discovery and development of anti-infective agents, contributing to the success of INVANZ®, PRIMAXIN®, PRODUCIL®, MEFOXIN®, HEARTGARD®, MECTIZAN® and STROMECTOL®. Her work resulted in several publications including two Science articles and a patent (see publications below). Following early retirement, she returned to Merck for two years as curator and international liaison for the Merck Culture Collection and as data manager and document editor for various infectious disease projects. She then joined Abbott Laboratories as a Technical Writer and Specialist in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and received the Abbott Point of Care President’s Award and an award for Outstanding Project Management and Teamwork.

Joyce was a dynamic leader always ready to take ownership of projects that interested her. She volunteered her time freely and often. She will be missed. I wish I’d had the pleasure of meeting her.

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