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Free Online Medical Mycology Course

Theobald Smith Society member Errol Reiss is offering an online undergraduate/graduate Medical Mycology course free of charge with no time limit for completion. The course is divided into 8 modules:

  • The Fungal Lifestyle

  • Detection, Recovery and Identification

  • Antifungal Agents and Therapy

  • Environmental Molds-Endemic Mycoses

  • Opportunistic Yeasts and Pneumocystis

  • Opportunistic Molds

  • Mycoses of Implantation

  • Cutaneous Fungal Infections

Dr. Reiss draws on the latest information for clinical laboratory scientists, microbiologists, and infectious disease physicians who want to learn more about fungal diseases of humans. All facets of medical mycology are explored and refreshed as new data become available.

Learners interested in joining the course should send Errol an email at errolreiss[a]

Errol holds a Ph.D. from Rutgers Waksman Institute of Microbiology where he studied Phialophora verrucosa with Professor Walter Nickerson. He was a post-doctoral fellow in the Mycology Section of NIAID at NIH. Then he pursued a career in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the Mycology Section, where he led the immunochemistry laboratory and also taught Immunology at Georgia State University. After retirement Errol published Fundamental Medical Mycology, John H. Wiley Publishers. The online course is an outgrowth of the book and his experience in the laboratory.

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